[Long-term culture and differentiation of neural stem cells of embryonic mice].


OBJECTIVES To assess the culture and differentiation of neural stem cells in embryonic mice and set up a basis for further research in to neural stem cells. METHODS Embryonic cortices of mice were dissociated and single cell suspensions were achieved by mechanical methods in sterile conditions, and cells were seeded in uncoated plate in N2 medium. The cells were passaged by mechanical methods, frozen and thawed by general procedure. They were identified by immunocytochemical techniques. RESULTS Neural stem cells from embryonic mice were successfully cultured forming typical neurospheres in suspension. Neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes were differentiated from neural stem cells, with a ratio of 7%, 85% - 90% and 2% - 4% respectively. CONCLUSIONS Neural stem cells, which can be cultured and passaged steadily in vitro and they are the ideal cell sources for cell transplantation and gene therapy.


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