“Principles and techniques for training programmers”


Computing machine technology is a product of business and industrial need. The satisfaction of this need, which was identified a decade ago, was contingent primarily upon the state and progress of the electronics art. It is well known that a time lag usually exists between the <underline>identification</underline> of a need and its actual <underline>implementation</underline>. It will be seen that even in the unusually dynamic and forward-looking field of programmer training, this is true. Since its origin in the early 1900's, <underline>all</underline> business and industrial training growth has been described by 1) satisfaction of a <underline>real</underline> rather than fictitious management requirement, and 2) a time lag between the conception of the problem and its organized solution through training. There is a high correlation between the evolution of <underline>programmer training</underline> and the evolution of other kinds of technical training in this country. However, due to the rapidity with which inventions are being introduced and the shortened time between discovery and application, training is becoming more quickly identified as a problem and a solution. But this may be credited really to the general acceleration of technology rather than to management astuteness.


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