The role of calcium and strontium ions in the secretion of histamine from mast cells


Mast cells taken from the peritoneum of the rat can be induced to secrete their histamine by a variety of stimuli: antigen-antibody reactions, dextran or concanavaiin A. The secretion is accompanied by an uptake of 45calcium [1]. The two processes are closely coupled: (1) They are linearly related; 10% histamine secretion corresponds to a calcium uptake of about 0.08 fmol/cell. (2) They have similar time courses; both are complete within 1 rain. (3) They are both similarly dependent upon pH; with a maximum at 7.5. (4) They are both similarly dependent upon antigen concentration over the range 10 -s to 10 -3. (5) Phosphatidyl serine increases both processes whereas dibutyryl cAMP and theophylline inhibit them.


1 Figures and Tables

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